Our Team

Main Office Number: 954.731.8770


Employee Title Ext.
Alicia Dowie Data Processing Analyst 6945
Alecia Embden Social Worker 6949
Alicia Hanson Administrative Coordinator 6931
Elmin Padilla
Social Worker & EHEAP Specialist 6939
Lamesha Cristafaro
Staff Accountant 6932
Erik Andrews
Youth Services Coordinator 6926
Evelyn Irizarry Programs Specialist 6941
Steve Kralovic
Administrative Assistant 6920
Heather Overbeck Social Worker 6958
Jennifer Wescott Director of Community Relations 6922
Lucia Fuentes Intake Coordinator 6946
Mark Adler Executive Director 6940
Mark Johnston Office Assistant 6934
Marlene Gray Director of Program Services 6924
Narda Matthie Data Processing Analyst 6944
Natacha Wawa
Regional Coordinator 6936
Pat Carter
Regional Coordinator 6942
Sandra Underhill Senior Staff Accountant 6937
Shelly McCarty Director of Finance & Human Resources 6935
Tony Mart Director of Technology 6933
Traci Daves Data Processing Manager 6929
Vickie Glinton Director of Community Programs 6943
Winnie Francois Social Work Supervisor 6947

For anti-spam purposes we do not publish e-mail addresses on-line. To e-mail any staff member, their address is their first initial and last name (no spaces) @mowsoflo.org.